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I have been watching as the Democrats have taken us from event to the next.  There has been no time to catch our breath, no time to just relax and enjoy the moment.  I can not believe we have become a nation that excepts these events as normal. I see alot of talk but little to action on the part of the Republican party to hold these people accountable for their actions.  You can see the same old playbook used time and again, it gets so damn frustrating as our future as a nation actually stands in the balance.  Even before Donald Trump took office the media was talking about Impeachment.   First it was the Russian Collusion Hoax, then it was the impeachment Hoax, then it was the Covid Hoax.  Yes I said Hoax.  The Virus is real and the danger is real, however, the way the media has dramatized it is a Hoax.  Everyday no matter what channel you watch it is nonstop talk about the number of new cases and how many people have died from it, but they never mention the death rate percentage, or how it compares to the season Flu, or how they are inflating the number of deaths are directly from the virus. God only knows what the actual numbers are.  It is impossible to know the true number for anything dealing with the virus.  They are doing everything in their power to keep everyone scared to do anything.  And every time things begin to calm down a new HOT SPOT seems to develop.  If you will notice, most original HOT SPOTS were in Democrat run Cities and Or States. And then the Republican Convention was moved to Florida and Low and behold it became a new HOT SPOT, after being driven out of Charlotte.  Of course after the Convention was moved Charlotte seemed to calm down.  This whole thing has become to much.  You have half the people calling for everyone to wear masks everywhere and the other half, know they don't do anyone any good.  I honestly believe that on November 4th the virus will be played down and will slowly move out of our daily lives.  We wil wake up one day soon in Mid Novemebrr and realize they are no longer talking about the virus as it will no longer meet their needs.
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